• Stringflex Dynagen Gravity Bowstrings : SD15Bow Strings~SD15
  • Stringflex Dynagen Gravity Bowstrings : SD15Bow Strings~SD15

Stringflex Dynagen Gravity Bowstrings : SD15

Strings made by Pro String Making Company Stringflex

  • Latest version of Dyneema material 
  • Professionally made Strings in Individual String Tubes
  • Tubes are good for longterm Bowstring Storage and Protection
  • Standard International Bow Length Sizes available
  • Choice of Length and of Strands in the String

Dynagen strands are slightly thicker than Astroflight so you will require approximately two strands less for the same overall thickness of string.

12 Strands Dynagen equivalent to 14 strands in Astroflight

14 Strands Dynagen equivalent to 16 strands in Astroflight

Advanced modern string materials with little or no stretch. If in doubt about use, check if your bow is rated for use with these non stretch materials

Makes for faster arrows and better sight marks. The trade off can be more shock in the shot and more wear on the bow and the archer, you can reduce shock with Dampers on the bow

Heavier or longer Recurve Bows work best with 14 strands Dynagen and the Easton G Nocks or Beiter Nocks or Pin nocks with the larger string groove in them

Lighter pull and shorter bows tend to work best with 12 strands and the smaller string groove nocks

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Stringflex Dynagen Gravity Bowstrings : SD15

  • £6.95

Available Options

Qty Image String Length (sy) Price
60.5 inches long - 12 strands £6.95
60.5 inches long - 14 strands : OUT OF STOCK, WE WILL BACKORDER £6.95
62.5 inches long - 12 strands £6.95
62.5 inches long - 14 strands £6.95
64.5 inches long - 12 strands £6.95
64.5 inches long - 14 strands £6.95
65.25 inches long - 12 strands £6.95
65.25 inches long - 14 strands £6.95
66.5 inches long - 14 strands £6.95