Arrow Nocks

  • Taper Fit Nocks :  Used for Wooden Shafts 5/16 and 11/32 inch Diameter, and for  Tapered Aluminium Shafts.  To find which size of nock for which size of aluminium shaft,  see Eastons Arrow Selection Chart  the last page under Aluminium Components .

  • Fit Over Nocks : Fit over the back of the arrow tube. Once very popular but now mainly on basic beginners arrows.

  • Internal Fit Nocks & Nock Bushes : Used on top end Aluminium and Carbon Arrows. Made to push into the back of the arrow tube as a tight fit. On the larger sizes of tube a Nock Bush is fitted into the tube and the Internal Nock fits into the bushing. 

  • Pin Nocks & Nock Pins : Alternative system for fitting nocks to the top arrows. An insert aluminium Nock Pin is fitted to the shaft and a Pin Nock fitted onto the pin. This system makes for easy nock replacement and reduces impact damage when one arrow hits another in the target.