COVID-19 - February 22nd 
Our Waterlooville and Honiton stores remain closed with the government scheduled date 12th April when we can re-open.

We do have a small team processing and despatching web and phone orders.
Click and Collect  is available, if you are happy to collect then we will have the order ready for you.

Arrow Nocks

  • Taper Fit Nocks :  Used for Wooden Shafts 5/16 and 11/32 inch Diameter, and for  Tapered Aluminium Shafts.  To find which size of nock for which size of aluminium shaft,  see Eastons Arrow Selection Chart  the last page under Aluminium Components .

  • Fit Over Nocks : Fit over the back of the arrow tube. Once very popular but now mainly on basic beginners arrows.

  • Internal Fit Nocks & Nock Bushes : Used on top end Aluminium and Carbon Arrows. Made to push into the back of the arrow tube as a tight fit. On the larger sizes of tube a Nock Bush is fitted into the tube and the Internal Nock fits into the bushing. 

  • Pin Nocks & Nock Pins : Alternative system for fitting nocks to the top arrows. An insert aluminium Nock Pin is fitted to the shaft and a Pin Nock fitted onto the pin. This system makes for easy nock replacement and reduces impact damage when one arrow hits another in the target.