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Used with Compound Bows when shooting with a release aid.

Modern Compound Bows are very short compared to Recurve bows and have an acute angle in the string at full draw as a result. This makes it difficult to shoot with either finger draw or even with the release aid directly onto the bowstring.

D-Loops create a consistent connection for your release, whilst the flexibility of the connection to the bowstring stops issues created by having the jaws of the release direct onto the bowstring.

BCY D Loop / Release Rope : WD15

BCY D Loop / Release Rope : WD15

Probably the most popular loop material BCY Type 24 Rope 1m length..

£2.25 Ex VAT £1.88

Easton Elite Nock & D Loop Archery Pliers : EA04

Easton Elite Nock & D Loop Archery Pliers : EA04

Precise made tool for many functions Features Patent pending dual jaw design Nock Set..

£24.95 Ex VAT £20.79

Viper D Loop Pliers : VA12

Viper D Loop Pliers : VA12

A tool for fitting D Loops tp Bowstrings on Compound Bows Features Consistent D Loop..

£32.40 Ex VAT £27.00

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