Recurve Target Bows

If the Recurve is your bow of choice we have everything you could need. All the way from being a complete beginner, through intermediate club shooter, County team member or right up to International competitor. Risers(Handles) and Limbs are available in a range of lengths and weights to match your build and ability. If you require help with selecting the correct length or advice on draw weight please contact us and we can help you. We have stocks of Hoyt, Samick, Win & Win, PSE, Gillo, WNRS, Rolan, Cartel, Core and Quicks equipment so are sure to have the bow for you no matter your level of ability.

When selecting a complete Bow from the separate Handles and Limbs on offer, many have the 'ILF Limb Fitting' and will fit together, but worth a read of our guide first:

Info on the ILF International Limb Fitting

Soul Archery Everly Limbs : SB20

Soul Archery Everly Limbs : SB20

Soul Everly Recurve Limbs Nice entry level limbs from Soul Archery at a very reasonable price..

£89.95 Ex VAT £74.96

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