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Welcome to our selection of the best beginner bows for you to start and develop in archery! These are our most popular starter bows offering something for both juniors and seniors, for teaching, training or just starting out.

Best bow for the beginner archer?

To get the most from your archery you need a bow to match your build and strength. A bow is designed to work best when the string is pulled a certain distance, so a tall person - with longer arms requires a longer bow than a not so tall person with shorter arms. The weight of the bow is the strength it requires to pull the string. When starting out it is important that you choose a weight that you are very comfortable pulling so that you can develop correct technique rather than fighting to get the string back to your face.

  • Quicks Wooden Trainer Bows : An excellent starting point and used by many Clubs, Hotels and Corporate Event Companies for teaching. It offers popular draw weights and bow lengths to fit all beginners.
  • Rolan Bows : A modern polymer version of the trainer bow, they have a slightly thinner grip which some people may find more comfortable than the wooden bows.

If there's something you don't see here or you need advice on bow length and pull strength, give us a call or email. See Contacts at top of page.

We also have full archery starter sets to buy online if you don't want to select each component separately. These have everything you need to set up and play or practice.  

Longshot Bow Bag For Glass Bows : ZZ08

Longshot Bow Bag For Glass Bows : ZZ08

To protect and store Glass Bows Two lengths of bag with tie over top.

£7.75 Ex VAT £6.46

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