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Wiawis S21 Stabiliser System

New Win and Win top performance Stabiliser System

Next generation stabilisers incorporating Nano Technology with Graphine Foam and a Tapered Longrod

Wiawis Nano S21 Stabiliser Set
WR70Set Wiawis S21 Set £387.37

Wiawis Nano S21 Stabiliser Extender
WR72 Wiawis S21 Extender £46.80

Wiawis Nano S21 Stabiliser VBar
WR74 Wiawis S21 Carbon V-Bar £45.96

Wiawis Nano S21 Stabiliser Mid Weight
WR78 Wiawis S21 Mid Weight £4.98

Wiawis Nano S21 Stabiliser Side Rod
WR71 Wiawis S21 Side Rod £64.80

Wiawis Nano ACS Upper Damper
WR76 Wiawis ACS Upper Damper £32.40

The S21 design aims to reduce torque and vibration by optimising the absorbing qualities and the stiffness of the stabilisers
Twins, Side Rods, Carbon Extender and Carbon V-Bar use matching qualities so that the total effect maximises the efficiency of the system.

Rods come with base mid and cap weights
We are doing the whole S21 system as a set.
Or you can purchase individual parts to compliment your current set up.

The ACS Upper Damper is an extra to the S21 system

Win & Win Alloy Riser

Win & Win Wiawis ATF Alloy Riser 25 Inch

A metal alloy handle has a solid feel and some archers like this better than the feel of a carbon handle.
A little extra mass in the hand can be an advantage in making a solid shot, and keeping the feel the same each arrow.
Here is what Win and Win have to say about their new Metal Alloy handle

  • The brand new WIAWIS ATF Alloy riser balances perfectly for ultimate accuracy and consistency.
  • The AFT riser features a 45 degree frame structure to prevent twisting as well as maximising stability.
  • Advanced material technology makes the sight window 10% stronger than other risers.
  • The new innovative ATF is very stable to shoot with due to its well balanced weight.
  • It is perfect for archers who prefers the confident feel of metal when they pick up their bow
  • Weighing 1300 grams, the WIAWIS ATF feels solid in the hand, built to inspire confidence, this premium riser is ready for the world stage

Win & Win Wiawis ATF Alloy Riser 25 Inch

WB65 Win & Win Wiawis ATF Alloy Riser 25 Inch £576.00

Thread Lock

Lockfast T43 Nutlock

A medium strength thread lock to stop screws and nuts shaking loose.
A small thing but can enhance your shooting by taking away annoying rattles and the need to tighen everything all the time.

ZK28 Lockfast T43 Nut Lock

ZK28 Lockfast T43 Nutlock 10ml £3.24

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