Newsletter Making A Difference 23rd April 2017

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Must Have New Items In Stock

Some items that will make a difference

BJ40 Arrow Spine Digital Analyser

BJ40 Arrow Spine Digital Analyser

This little item is a must have for all you Wooden Arrow shooters out there.

-A tool to check the different arrows in the set and to match up the spine accurately.
-Measures a range of characteristics along and a round the shaft.
-No more uncertainty, was it me or the arrow. It just a great piece of kit.
-Works for Carbons and other arrows too for the high end arrows to test spine around the shaft and along the shaft.
-This tool can make the difference or find a damaged arrow

-In Store, but supplies limited at present

Quicks Shooters Shirt

Made by the suppliers to the GB Team in lightweight and comfortable material

KC30 Quicks Shooter Shirt

KC30 Quicks Shooter Shirt by Kudos
Price £39.96
Good Range of Sizes In Stock Now

Having a quality shooting shirt gets you in the zone for tournament and practise shooting

-Sets you up in positive form for a great score with the same gear as the top shooters
-Cool, Comfortable and Fast Drying

Win and Win Bow Brace Tool

Used for Recurve Bow Set up

WJ50 Win&Win Bow Brace

WJ50 Win and Win Bow Brace Tool
Price £115.20
In Stock

Check set up, centre shot, & tiller throughout the bows draw length

-Holds string from rest and upto full draw
-Adjusting by turning the centre section.
-A tool to check the bow is right for optimum performance

Bradly Ellison Spider Vanes
-A current 2017 favourite

JF10 Bradly Ellison Spider Vanes

JF10 2.0 inch Medium Spider Vanes
Pack 60 Price £19.50
-Left or Right hand avilable in range of colours

Definitely Popular this season

-Be out there with the latest vanes.
-Great Colours and proven performance

Special Prices on Butts
- Offers, Still available for coming outdoor season

GT23 85 Cm Butts x6

GT23 85cm 1st Quality Egertec Butts
Pallet of 6:
Price includes delivery
to mainland UK areas only :
10-14 Days for delivery
Discounted Price x6 £549.60

GT18 Pallet of x6 Butts

GT18E 128cm 1st Quality Egertec Butts
Pallet of 6 or 12 :
Price includes delivery
to mainland UK areas only :
10-14 Days for delivery
Discounted priced x6 £830.00
Discounted Price x12 £1550.00

QT20P A Pallet of 30 QT20's

QT20P Special Bulk Purchase
30x QT20 Rover Butts
delivered on a pallet
Discounted priced £843.60

QT20 x2 Butts

QT20 Pack of 2 :
Special Deal on two butts,
pay one carriage fee only
Special price £59.90

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