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Indoor Season Items

Bigger Diameter Arrows for Maxing out your Scores
X23 Arrows and Shafts

These can be tuned by varying the length and shooting them quite a bit longer
than you would a set of arrows for outdoor shooting.
A clicker extended forward can control your full length draw.
For example the
Gold Line Clicker by AAE is a good choice.

Using these shafts you get the advantage of the wider diameter for line cutters.
Of course there are all the other Aluminium arrows and shafts as well,
which are generally wider than Carbons and more robust in the case of impact with other arrows

Easton X23 Arrows, Super Nocks & EP93 Points
ES07 Easton X23 Arrows(Set of 8),
with Super Nocks & EP93 Points
Price £88.00



Bowstrings For Your Indoor Bow Set up

Also now is an opportunity to set up a couple of new strings for the indoor season
to match the aluminium shafts, making it easy to do the switch without altering your outdoor set-up.



Custom Strings and String Makers

We offer a wide selection of strings from stock, and for those of you looking for custom colours and materials
we have several string makers available to make those bespoke and customised strings.

Podium Strings

Candy Stripe Strings

Reign Strings

Stringflex Strings


You might want a couple of String Keepers too...

  • Looks after the string.
  • Keeps the correct number of twists in the shot in string.


String Keepers
ZA20 Stringflex String Twist Keeper
(pack of 5 mixed colours) : Discounted Price £2.00



Finally-Get a New Plunger Button

With a new plunger for your indoor set-up, you can fine tune it to perfectly match to the alloy arrows.
At the same time making it an easy switch back and forth to your outdoor tune by changing buttons.

Plunger Buttons


Good Shooting for the winter indoor rounds.
Here is a link to some key Bow Tuning information.

Easton Bow Tuning Guide


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