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Beiter New V Box Stabiliser Weights

Beiter V-Box Weight System

Top Line New Super Stabiliser System from Beiter

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Beiter V-Box Stabiliser
An arrangement of Discs and Weights
with V-Box and Spacers
Base End, Spacers, Weights,& V-Box

Beiter V-Box Stabiliser 1.
Choice of Weight
Showing :Base End, + 1 oz Disc Weights,+V-Box,
+ Disc Weights + Coloured Spacers.

Beiter V-Box Stabiliser 2.
V-Box Tuneable Damper
The 'V-Box Basic Kit' with Interchangeable
Insert Membranes, 1,3,5,7.

Beiter V-Box Stabiliser 3.
Heavier Weight with V-Box Damping
Showing: Weights direct on to rod
Disc Weights, + V-Box, + Disc Weights
Heavy Weight Needs strongest Membrane in V-Box
Full Details in V-Box listing

The Beiter V-Box Weight System is a really versatile system which properly positions and supports stabiliser weights.

    Features :
  • Tuneable V-Box Damper -with a range of damper inserts
  • Disc Weights - a selection to make up the weight you want on the rod
  • Spacers in different colours - to position the weight and add adjustability to the bow balance

The Beiter V-Box system will give you excellent tuning of bow stabilisation.

Beiter V-Box Pricing

Beiter V-Box 1oz Disc Weight 5mm
1 Oz Disc Weights 5mm Thick

Beiter V-Box 3 Oz Disc Weight 15 mm
3 Oz Weight 15 mm Thick

Beiter V-Box Coloured Spacers
V- Box Coloured Spacers
Multiple Colours

Beiter V-Box Front Screw
V-Box Front Screw
4 Lengths

Beiter V-Box Rear Screw
V-Box Rear Screw
3 Lengths

Beiter V-Box OUT Adaptor
V-Box OUT Adaptor

Beiter V-Box IN Adaptor
V-Box IN Adaptor
2 Lengths

Beiter V-Box Technical Sheet

If you want help or advice, give us a call to sort out your choice on the Beiter V-Box.

....Beiter V-Box = Better Balance, with Quicks Archery


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