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We offer the largest selection of archery equipment and are well known for our trusted customer service; we have been providing quality archery equipment and advice to archers around the world for over 50 years. We can help if you are looking for a new Recurve Bow, other Bows and Arrows or Archery Accessories for fine tuning your kit or even making your own arrows. Quicks is run by Archers and always aims to give a fast, reliable and informed service. 

If you are looking to start archery or just to have a go at home, we have highly popular starter and training bows and beginner archery kits at great value, making equipment selection easy for you. 

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Come and visit us in one of our four archery Pro Shops, where our archers serve and advise archery customers of all abilities. You can even try out equipment for the best fit while you're shopping, as all our shops have indoor archery ranges. Quicks also provides kits and bulk equipment orders for a variety of archery leisure activities. Whatever your archery needs, we stock the latest archery equipment and we are always happy to help.


Ragim Traditional Wooden Bows

Recurve Field Bows
American Style Flat Bows
Junior Trainer Bows
Ragim produce a beautifully finished and elegant range of Traditional bows as well as entry level equipment aimed at the Junior archer.
Their Traditional bows come in a variety of different woods, each bringing a distinctive look to the design.
The 58" Junior Trainer bow is perfect for the youngster that has outgrown the smaller Junior bows but is not quite ready for an adult size bow. 

    Featured Products

    IR30 Infitec Crux Damper + 4oz Weight

    IR30 Infitec Crux Damper + 4oz Weight

    5/16 thread to fit directly to the riser as a back, top or bottom weight. The thread can also be ..

    £10.95 Ex VAT £9.13

    SB59 Sebastien Flute SF Forged Plus Riser 25 Inch

    SB59 Sebastien Flute SF Forged Plus Riser 25 Inch

    A great club/tournament riser, perfect bow combination if purchased with with SB52 SF Premium Fibre ..

    £215.00 Ex VAT £179.17

    ES42 Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows with G Nocks and EP33 points (Set of 8)

    ES42 Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrows with G Nocks and EP33 points (Set of 8)

    Arrows Complete per 8 ready to shoot. High tensile yet durable Arrows Ideal for Field or Target Sho..

    £59.95 Ex VAT £49.96

    ZOA06 Archery for Beginners Guidebook : VERY POPULAR BOOK

    ZOA06 Archery for Beginners Guidebook : VERY POPULAR BOOK

    An easy to read paperback book with colourful illustrations: Perfect for the newcomer to the sport ..

    £7.50 Ex VAT £7.50

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