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Phil Adams


Club: Bognor Regis Archery Club (AGB) : Raven (NFAS)
County: West Sussex
How long have you been shooting? 24 years

Equipment specification being used for 2018

Bow make and model: Black Widow PLX Flatbow - 46# @ 29"
Arrows: 5/16 Hemlock Fir
125 grain steel field points
Marco nocks
Truflight feathers
Bow Quiver: Great northern strap on
Bracer: Neet leather
Finger Tab: Rod Jenkins safari tab


How did you get involved in archery?

I started archery in 1994 with both compound and recurve bows.

What are your shooting highlights?

I attained Master Bowmen status with the compound bow for a few years and have represented Sussex County on numerous occasions over a fifteen year period.
I was county champion in 2002 and have held a number of county records along the way.

Other info

I joined the NFAS with the Raven archery club in 2016 looking for a new challenge. I am now shooting AFB (American Flat Bow), and am enjoying my shooting on some tough and demanding courses