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Peter Parsons


Club: Waterside Archers
County: Hampshire
Age: 49
How long have you been shooting? 35 years (-7 yrs when kids came along..!)

Equipment specification being used for 2018

Bow make and model: Hoyt Formula Prodigy - (Green)
Arrows: Easton ACE
Sight: Shibuya Ultima Carbon - (Green)
Stabiliser: Fuse Blades
Arrow Rest: Shibuya Ultima - (Green)
Finger Tab: A&F (also trying a Soma Saker III)


How did you get involved in archery?

In 1983 I noticed an Archery club opposite my parents fields, Waterside Archers, my interest in Horses has always been minimal. So I wandered over the road and ‘had a go’... I was hooked.

My parents bought my 1st bow, it was a 2nd hand wooden TD1 which I very soon outgrew and I bought my first metal bow, a state of the art Hoyt Gold medalist. This bow took me onto shoot for Hampshire for many years as a junior and progressed onto senior also shooting for Hampshire.

I met my (now) wife on the archery field, along came kids and I stopped shooting for a couple of years. When My daughter was 7, she wanted to try archery. I lasted for 2 sessions watching her and dusted off the now ‘old’ Gold medalist, my daughter didn’t shoot for long but I was hooked again.

What are your shooting highlights?

On returning to shooting a new Hoyt was bought and I progressed quickly up to Master Bowman and have shot for England on a couple of occasions.

Your goals and ambitions for 2018 and beyond?

I am currently still shooting to Master Bowmen standard and balancing work with archery, I hope for many years to come.

Other personal sponsors

My Wife..