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Mike Parvess


Club: Spelthorne Archers
County: Middlesex
Age: 56
How long have you been shooting? 7 years

Equipment specification being used for 2018

Bow make and model: Mathews Halon X
Arrows: Easton X10 Protour
Points: Easton Tungsten
Vanes: Bohning Air Vanes
Sight: Axcel Achieve CX / CXL
Scope: Axcel AV25 / AV41
Release Aid: Truball Execute + Incredible
ARC Wrist
Stabiliser: ULLR Longrod + V-bar
Launcher: Beiter
Arrows matched and assembled by: Custom Made Arrows


How did you get involved in archery?

I come from a Rifle shooting background where I have represented Northern Transvall during my stint in the South African Special Forces and then Zimbabwe on an international basis for many years as well as captained the Zimbabwe Team. I was Ranked No1 in the country.

On moving to the UK 20 years ago I needed to find a competitive sport again. I took up golf and managed to get to a 14 handicap and it was only by chance that over Easter weekend, I drove past Meadhurst Sports club and noticed Spelthorne Archers holding their opening shoot on the field about 7 years ago. It was this that sparked my interest as I had the previous weekend tried my luck at Barebow with a beginners bow at a fair in Fareham. Long story short, I enrolled on the beginner’s course some 7 years ago, shot Recurve for 2 years achieved Master Bowman, Converted to Compound and haven’t looked back. Ranked 20th in 2017 and achieved GMB for the 2nd time.

What are your shooting highlights?

My proudest moments so far is winning Spelthorne’s Sports personality of the year and also breaking a UK Record last year and of course being selected as a Pro Shooter for Quicks Archery. Finishing 4th at the National Indoors this year was quite a buzz.

Your goals and ambitions for 2018 and beyond?

My goal is to represent England and hope that this will be the year.

Other personal sponsors

- Axcel
- Tru-Ball