Quicks Team Shooter - Jeanette Holder

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Jeanette Holder


Club: Forest of Bere
County: Hampshire
Age: 47
How long have you been shooting? 10 years

Equipment specification being used for 2018

Bow make and model: Target Hoyt Prevail
Arrows: Easton Pro Field 620 (outdoors)
Easton X23 (Indoors)
Sight: Sure-Loc Supreme
Scope: Black Eagle
Launcher: AAE Freakshow with Launchtec Blade
Stabilisers: Doinker Extremo (Long and Short)
Release Aid: Truball Sweetspot Pro
Other Kit: Pills shooting glasses
Deletion spotting scope
Quicks Arrow Socks rainbow arrow wraps
Gas bowstrings
Bow make and model: Field Hoyt Carbon Matrix
Arrows: Easton Axis FMJ 500
Sight: Sure-Loc Supreme
Scope: Black Eagle
Launcher: AAE Freakshow
Stabilisers: Doinker (Short)
Field (Long)
Strings and Cables: Reign
Bow make and model: Clout: Bowtech Admiral
Arrows: Easton Axis FMJ 500
Stabiliser / Sight: Better longrod with Cartel sight attached to the end
Strings / Cables: Reign


How did you get involved in archery?

Started Archery as a Barebow archer, but after experiencing target panic changed to shooting Compound.

What are your shooting highlights?

Over the years I have shot for Hampshire and in 2016 came 2nd with the Ladies Compound Team for the Midsummer county shoot.

I have achieved National Clout champion twice back in 2014 & 2016 and have won many competitions over the 10 years we have been shooting.

Your goals and ambitions for 2018 and beyond?

In 2017 I purchased my first new bow being the Hoyt Prevail, it has taken a while to get comfortable with it, but now starting to get near my MB scores once more, so for 2018 I would like to achieve my MB and work towards bringing my scores up to eventually achieve GMB.

Other info

I enjoy shooting and have many friends in the sport, for me being on a field not only enables me to enjoy the sport, share equipment tips, but also to enjoy the social element by meeting fellow archers.

I also enjoy Clout Archery as well as a little bit of Field which we enjoy shooting in 3D animals.

I am also a keen Sea Kayaker and enjoy taking part in cycle rides which will include the IOW Randonnee in May 2018.