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Ben Trudgill


Club: Kirby Muxloe Archery Club
County: Leicestershire & Rutland
Age: 23
How long have you been shooting? 4.5 years

Equipment specification being used for 2019

Bow make and model: Hoyt Prodigy RX + MK Mach X Limbs
Arrows: Easton X10 450 spine
Sight: Shibuya Ultima with axcel curve RXF (sjef edition) pin
Stabilisers: Ramrod Ultra V3
Arrow Rest: Shibuya Ultima carbon
Finger Tab: Fairweather Tab
Bowstring: Podium String 18 strand 8125G
Grip: 3-D Printed Custom Grip


How did you get involved in archery?

Started during fresher’s week at university, met some friends who wanted to go to the taster session so I went with them. I was hooked from the first session.

What are your Shooting Highlights?

How I have progressed to where I am now:

Major achievements -

A lot of training, 5 days a week during university, some good coaching to start me off, and a lot of self-awareness in my shot allowing me to make adjustments.

-DCAS outdoor champion 2018,
-EMAS indoor champion 2018,
-BUCS indoor champion 2018
-6th at National indoor 2018,
-A few top 10 finishes at tier 1 events during 2018.
-Ranked 27th in uk
-Master Bowman

Your goals and ambitions for 2019 and beyond?

Improve my national ranking (hopefully into top 15), reach GMB classification, medal at a tier 1 event.

Other personal sponsors

Other sponsors include:
- Podium Strings
- Ramrod Stabilisers