Coaching - Outdoor Archery Range at Apps Court

Quicks outdoor archery range

Outdoor Range Use: For existing archers to use on an ad hoc basis.

Currently Offered at:- Apps Court Farm, Walton on Thames during shop hours (9:30 – 16:50). Quicks reserve the right to exclude anybody from the range at anytime at the discretion of a member of Quicks staff. The range is not available to customers outside of shop hours.

Duration:- Charged hourly

Range distances:- Any distances out to 100 yards / 90 metres can be accommodated. The range is normally laid out as a Gents WA1440 course so 90m/70m/50m/30m, however, we can change the distances to suit if required.

Target Bosses:- A total of 5 bosses are available over the summer period. Four are on stands that are suitable for target archery and one is floor standing, suitable for field practice.

Target Faces:- The outdoor range has faces suitable for the distance shot. These are range faces and should not be taken away at the end of the session.

  • Imperial distances use 122 cm “full size” face.
  • Metric distances use a 122 cm face for 90m/70m/60m and an 80 cm face for 50m/30m
  • Ground target usually has a 10cm aiming point on the boss for “field” practice

Lost arrows:- A metal detector is available to assist in finding lost arrows, however, Quicks archery centre accepts no responsibility if an archer is unable to locate a lost arrow.