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  • IBB Wild Boar
  • IBB Wild Boar

IBB 3D Target Tusker Wild Boar : BT80

IBB 3D target Tusker Wild Boar

This 3D animal IBB young boar, corresponds to the realities that prevail in nature. This 3D target boar by our own brand IBB BY Beier has a true-to-life size with a carefully selected posture and amazing details. These appear so lifelike that you might mistake this target with a real tusker wild boar.

Thanks to the production of our excellent and unique 3D Target foam in premium quality, the arrows can be easily pulled out of the 3D Target, the holes close very quickly and are barely visible. In addition, we have managed to make the 3D Target foam extremely light, which makes the handling of the 3D Targets when setting up the 3D course extremely easy.

  • Gruppe IFAA 3
  • 78 x 25 x 38 cm
  • Made in Germany

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IBB 3D Target Tusker Wild Boar : BT80

  • Manufacturer: Beier Germany
  • Product Code: BT80
  • £198.00