Coaching & Range Use at Apps Court

Try archery with no commitment
Goal to get beginner to 3rd or 2nd class
Goal to get beginner to 1st class
Goal to get novice to Bowman class
Goal to get Bowman to MB class
Recurve Basic:- Shop set-up and Weight Adjustment
Advanced:- String Alignment and Bow Tuning
Compound Basic:- Shop set-up, Peep, Length & Weight Adjustment
Advanced:- Cam Timing, Centre shot and Tuning
Going Further
Difficulty getting longer distance?
Swapping Bows
Longbow, Horsebow, Cmp
Swapping style
Sighted, Thumb Ring
Stabilisers, Sling
Clickers, Peep, wts
Parties – Try Archery Have-A-Go:- one hour Group session, indoor or outdoor.
Team Building:- Team scoring, compete against other teams
Off Site Archery:- We have run sessions at an outdoor venue, bring the archery experience to you. Call for more information or to discuss your needs.


Range Use and Coaching courses on offer

Individual Range Use – for existing archers (must have own equipment)

  • Use the range ad hoc on an hourly basis
  • Target face included in the cost

Club Hire – By clubs out side of shop hours (not just archery clubs)

  • Clubs have key to access the range out of hours
  • Costs based on User numbers

Have-a-go – Try out the sport for an hour

  • Based on the first hour of the beginners course
  • Taught to shoot safely with a reasonable style
  • Can upgrade at no extra cost to full beginners course (pay difference)

Individual Help – one stop shop for all those niggles: work with a coach for an hour

  • Bow set-up and tuning
  • Having difficulties with something
  • Transferring to a new bow or trying to use a new shooting style (barebow, thumb ring etc)

Group Session – Children’s party, work social, team building (usually 1 hour)

  • Group of up to 12 people (age dependant) [note: more is possible.]
  • Have a go style of shooting
  • Goal is to have fun

Beginner – quickly start you shooting with goal to raise you to 3rd or 2nd class (Hands on)

  • Course: 6 Hour – Indoor
  • Mainly coaching style, getting the stance and draw force right
  • Distances to 20 yards

Novice –approaching 1st class (Hands on)

  • Course: 3 Hour – Indoor, 3 Hour – Outdoor
  • Mainly improving style, emphasising consistency and relaxed shooting
  • Distances to 50-80 yards (1st class distances)

Intermediate - approaching Bowman (Giving you the tools)

  • Course: 2 Hour – Indoor (chatting + assessment), 4 Hour – Outdoor
  • Improving consistency, style, and relaxed shooting, emphasis on loose, and feeling the shot
  • Distances to 80/100 yards (Bowman distances)

Advanced – approaching MB (Giving you the tools)

  • Course: 2 Hour – Indoor (chatting + assessment), 4 Hour – Outdoor
  • Shot preparation, Tournament preparation etc… emphasis on feeling each shot as a positive reinforcement of style
  • Distances to 100 yards (Gents)

Range costs and session times

  • Courses are charged at a fixed cost, dependent on the numbers in your group.
  • Up to 4 people at a time (or 10 for group bookings).
  • Cost per person goes down the more people in your group