Coaching - Intermediate Archery Coaching Course

Intermediate to Advanced archery coaching

Progression from Novice Course.

Currently Offered at:- Apps Court Farm, Walton on Thames.

Duration:- 6 Hour course spread over 4 – 6 weeks.

Prerequisite:- (Preferably 2nd or 1st Class ) The course assumes a reasonable level of archery where the archer has been shooting for a few seasons, perhaps a year, trying out different ideas in their own techniques and looking for ways to improve further. The student will have their own equipment, and is expected to have some experience with one or more of buttons, kissers, stabilisers or clickers.

Goal:- To teach the archer methods for critical self-analysis and focused self-training. Some equipment analysis and technique training may be offered as required by the archer. The course is aimed at moving a 1st class archer to Bowman standard.

Content:- The course is structured assuming the archer spends 6 to 9 hours practising at their own club for each hour spent with the coach.

The coach will emphasise the “feel” of the shot throughout the course. Each shot should “feel” good and the main focus of the mental side of shooting each arrow will cover ways to achieve this.

The current ability of the archer will be briefly assessed with reference to the six stages of shooting:

Stance – Draw – Reference – Aim – Release – Follow Through - using own equipment.

The archer will practise assessed shooting at 20 yards with intention of technique improvement using smaller target faces at a constant distance to improve the stance – draw – reference and aim before rapidly switching to outdoors shooting up to 80 or 100 yards.

Moving outdoors to distances of at least 80 yards, the goal is to work on improving underlying style to enable the archer to tighten their groupings and increase their score. This will be achieved by assessing where arrows land and tracking any trends.

A complete check-up of the bow set up will be carried out, and any improvements applied. This will be more effective if a procedure for bow tuning is described and the archer does bow set up away from the course (this can take many hours spread over days and weeks to do it well; the term “patience is a virtue” is very applicable). This will include bow tuning to improve scores and fine tuning to enable further improvements to be achieved.

The coach will talk through the ideas behind different bow set-ups and may offer advice on what the archer might look for to improve their own bow set-up.

The course will focus on both goal setting and the mental aspects of shooting. Long-term planning and preparation for shoots will also be taken into account.

The course will conclude by repeating the introduction session and assessing how well the archer has improved as a result of the above work.