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Archery Shop >> Bowstrings >> Reign Compound strings & cables

RD22 Custom Made Single Colour Reign Compound Strings: BCY 8190 MATERIAL

Made to order compound strings by Simon Scott of Reign Bowstrings; Single colour: ALLOW 7 DAYS FOR DELIVERY

Reign Bowstrings Information

  • Simon Scott first started his archery career as a lad with Quicks many years ago!
  • Simon has many years experience in making bowstrings and we are supporting him in his new venture and can now supply his compound strings & cables to special order
  • All strings are pre-tensioned to 300lb until all stretch has been removed
  • They are then twisted under 200lbs of tension to 3/4 inch twist per inch of string
  • Double checked from 0-300lbs to ensure that there is not any peep rotation
  • Top quality BCY Halo 0.014 serving is applied to all strings & cables loops
  • Serving is applied under a digitally measured jig tension, to ensure it will not move and fits perfectly with your nocks
  • String is then checked after serving to ensure of zero peep rotation
  • Twin cam cables are tensioned at precisely the same time and under the same tension to ensure they both work in complete unison
  • Lots of funky colour choices
  • Simon's comments: "The most consistent, durable and accurate handcrafted strings available
  • Please allow 5-7 days delivery for these custom made strings

RD22 Custom Made Single Colour Reign Compound Strings: BCY 8190 MATERIAL


Nock Size used:
Compound Bow Details:

RD22 Custom Made Single Colour Reign Compound Strings: BCY 8190 MATERIAL