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QD50 Quicks Dacron Stock Strings 10strand

For Fiberglass Bows. Also for lighter pull bows of upto 32-34lbs you can use 10Strands

Makes for a thinner string. The string is lighter and arrow faster, but the string is narrower for the nock fit. Strings for Fiberglass bows have smaller loops than for other bows.

QD50 Quicks Dacron Stock Strings 10strand


Bow Type or String Size QUANTITY SELECT
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Thunder 52inch Bow
Indian 60inch Bow
Indian 50inch Bow
Indian 40inch Bow
Wings 60inch King Bow
Wings 58inch Apache Bow
Wings 52inch Duke Bow
Wings 47inch Kojote Bow
Wings 40inch Little Bow
Longshot 52inch Thunder Bow
Rolan 60 inch Snake Bow-56.5 inch
2700 Bow-56 inch
2600 Bow
2500 Bow
Bow 54inch Junior=51 inch string
Bow 63inch=58.5 inch string
Bow 64inch=59.5 inch string
Bow 66inch=61.5 inch string
Bow 68inch=63.5 inch string
Bow 70inch=65.5 inch string
Length 42.5inch
Length 50inch
Length 51inch
Length 51.5inch
Length 52inch
Length 53inch
Length 53.5inch
Length 54inch
Length 54.5inch
Length 55inch
Length 56inch
Length 56.5 inch for Snake Bow
Length 57inch
Length 57.5inch
Length 58inch
Length 58.5inch
Length 59inch
Length 59.5inch
Length 60inch
Length 61inch
Length 61.5inch
Length 62inch
Length 63inch
Length 63.5inch
Length 64.5inch
Length 65.5inch