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Archery Shop >> Rests Arrow >> Good Basic

Good Basic

LA25 Quicks Universal Rest

Fits most bows. Rugged with hooked arm to hold arrow plus pressure point and hole for plunger button.


Code: LA25

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HA15 Hoyt Super Rest

Quicks Recommended. An excellent rest with an arrow pressure point and a hook to hold the arrow on the rest. A plunger button can be used with this rest later on.


Code: HA15

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QL02 Fibreglass Bow Rest

A small self adhesive base to attach to most fibreglass bows. A heavy duty rest of rugged construction.


Code: QL02

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HA19 Hoyt Hunter rest

Plastic moulded heavy use rest. Arm retains arrow.


Code: HA19

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QL01 Cartel Heavy Duty Rest

Self adhesive rest made from heavy duty plastic.


Code: QL01

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ZL40 Arco Sport Zero Tolerance Magnetic Rest

Magnetic Flip rest on machined metal base by Arco Sport Spigarelli. .


Code: ZL40

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LA25 LA25 Quicks Universal Rest £1.50  
HA15 HA15 Hoyt Super Rest £1.95  
QL02 QL02 Fibreglass Bow Rest £1.10  
HA19 HA19 Hoyt Hunter rest £1.95  
QL01 QL01 Cartel Heavy Duty Rest £1.35  
ZL40 ZL40 Arco Sport Zero Tolerance Magnetic Rest £19.95