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What are Cookies?

A cookies is a piece of data that is stored onto your computer when you visit a website. Almost all websites use cookies for a number of reasons.

Some of the most common uses of cookies are:

  • As a "required cookie" for example to process an order on an e-commerce website. Without cookies it is difficult to track the ordering of items from one page to another and determine what you have put in your basket.
  • As a "third party cookie" for example Google Analytics is often used by website owners to record visitor details. This information is usually analysed by a web developer who then passes the findings on to the website owner. Google Analytics is also used as a tool in Search Engine Optimisation.

Which Cookies are used on this website?





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Quicks site cookie acceptance


This cookie is used to indicate that the cookie information warning has been displayed to a user.


PHP Session Cookie


This cookie is used to track if you have arrived on a page from within the current website, or from outside the website, allowing us to know if we should display certain things again. Without this cookie we cannot display this website.

Quicks Website Login



In order for you to log in and purchase items from this site these cookies need to be set to track if you are already logged in from one page to the next. Without these cookies you cannot purchase items from this website.






The payment provider SagePay has to set cookies to allow you to pay online via them. Without this cookie you cannot pay online for your purchases via SagePay.





These cookies are present because a Facebook button is being used on this website, and are created by Facebook.


If you do not wish cookies to be set when you use this website, please consult the instructions for the Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) you are using to disable Cookies for this site. If you choose to disable cookies, please note that this may prevent our website from operating in the way intended.